PowerShell Script to PPKG

In this example, the PowerShell script Set-OemModel.ps1 will be converted to a Provisioning Package. This script is part of OSConfig and found in the OSConfig\Scripts directory. This script has a simple purpose of setting the OEM Model information in System Properties.

Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer

If you don't have WICD installed, you can get it from the Windows 10 ADK. Create a new Project

Switch to Advanced Editor

Switch from the Basic to the Advanced Editor

Remove Runtime Settings

Select Runtime settings from the right Navigation Pane and select Remove

Create a ProvisioningCommand

In the left Navigation Pane, expand ProvisioningCommands and PrimaryContext. Add a Name and press the Add button

Set the Command

Select the Command on the Left Navigation Pane. In the Main window, Browse for the PowerShell file and enter the following CommandLine

PowerShell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File Set-OemModel.ps1

Set the other values

Export the Provisioning Package

Select Export from the top Menu and then select Provisioning package

Build Owner

Change the Build Owner to IT Admin

Build Security

Leave this blank for general Provisioning

Save Path

Set the proper location to save the Provisioning Package


Build the Provisioning Package


You can easily test a Provisioning Package by simply double clicking on the file. You will be prompted for confirmation


Here is a before and after to show the results


You can download the Provisioning Package created in this page by selecting the link below

Further Information

Provisioning Packages are expanded to the Current User %Temp% directory

In the case of Provisioning Packages that are executed in OOBE, they are in the following location


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