Working with the Registry is probably the most important things about customizing Windows. Everybody does it, and there are many different ways to do it.

Most resources you will find typically add Registry entries from the command line (Reg Add), others import a REG file, or run a CMD or PS1 script. I will not go into detail on any of these methods, instead focusing on GPP Registry and RegistryXML Files.


  • Group Policy Preferences

  • GPP Registry.xml

  • GPP RegistryXML Files

  • Convert REG to RegistryXML

  • Apply RegistryXML Files


After reading the above articles, you should have a firm understanding of GPP Registry and how to create and apply RegistryXML Files. You can easily create your own RegistryXML library of settings instead of adding multiple Run Command Line steps in your Task Sequence.

Please share your favorite RegistryXML additions to Windows so I can add them to the RegistryXML Library!

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