Group Policy Preferences

Let's start with a Group Policy Object. Both Computer Configuration and User Configuration contain a Registry section under Preferences\Windows Settings. The purpose of these sections is to add Registry values and apply them through the GPO.

Adding a Registry Value

You can add a Registry Value by using 'Registry Item'. Think of 'Collection Item' as a folder. 'Registry Wizard' allows you to browse and copy values from the system Registry.

Create a Collection Item

Start by creating a Computer Configuration Collection Item called Registered Owner by right clicking on Registry and selecting New > Collection Item. As you can see a Collection Item can also be described as a Folder. This is useful in organizing entries.

Create a Registry Item

In the Registered Owner Collection Item, right click on Registered Owner and select New > Registry Item. In Key Path, browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion and select RegisteredOwner. Press the Select button.

Now you can set the Value data to whatever you want and press OK to save it

And now you have created your first Registry Preference

Using Registry Wizard

Instead of selecting New > Registry Item, try New > Registry Wizard instead. This will bring up a Registry Browser and allow you to select multiple Registry Items. Press Finish.

Now you have nested Collection Items (Folders) with the Registry Values that were checked. You can edit these as needed. One thing about using the Registry Wizard is that I absolutely hate working with it. For one thing I have noticed, not everything checked seems to transfer over . . . the second thing is that you cannot maximize the Registry Browser window. This is absolutely annoying!

Next Steps

Now it's time to learn about Group Policy Registry.xml on the next page . . .

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